The UPHA Young Professionals Committee was established by members of the UPHA who recognized the need for an organization that included young horse professionals age 35 and under. The program was designed to support the same objectives and initiatives as the UPHA, while allowing younger members to participate and have an active voice in the organization.

Since its inception, the Young Professionals Committee has evolved to include one Committee Chairman, a Committee Vice Chairman and 19 Chapter Representatives. These members work together and individually in their specific regions of the country to promote the UPHA and work on a variety of fundraising efforts that support the UPHA.

UPHA Tony Ray Young Professional Award Winners

2014 Christopher & Stephanie Brannan
2013 Erin & Reese Richey
2012 Matt Shiflet
2011 Evan and Mary Orr
2010 Steve and Tiffany Wheeler
2009 Ray Krussell
2008 Kristen Cater
2007 Clark Clouse
2006 Tre Lee
2005 Tom Lowry
2004 Smith Lilly

Committee Co-Chair: Brittany Logan 781-724-4542

Committee Co-Chair: Jeremy Granier 504-919-3412


Chapter Representatives:

Chapter One - Austin & Eric Antman

Chapter Three/Four - Keen Sullivan

Chapter Five - Amanda Simpson & Zach Duffy

Chapter Six/Seven - Jeremy Granier

Chapter Eight- Marie Bouvet

Chapter Nine - Stephanie & Chris Brannon

Chapter Ten - Adeline Miller

Chapter Eleven - Danielle Howser

Chapter Twelve - Megan Whitby

Chapter Thirteen - Erin & Reece Richey

Chapter Fourteen - Brittany Logan

Chapter Fifteen - Jessica Richardson

Chapter Sixteen - Jessica Saft

Chapter Eighteen - Kimberly Hayes

Chapter Nineteen - Kayla Wooters

Chapter Twenty - Lauren Greenwald